real estate professionals

Real Estate Professionals

Real estate professionals enjoy the art of the sale. Agents are people persons, they enjoy interactions, understand the behavioral nature of buyers and sellers. Agents understand that real estate is both a tangible financial asset and a physical resource. It can represent the largest investment an individual or business makes in their future.

We need agents and brokers because real estate goes beyond the simple need for shelter.

Real estate agents anticipate where people of a community live, work, learn, worship, do commerce, and take into consideration current economic and business cycles.

The contemporary anthropological approach to real estate defines a community’s physical characteristics including topography, geology, hydrology (water is vital in Arizona), its infrastructure and climate.

What real estate experts have in common is the desire to successfully complete an educational course of study that will give them a license as a real estate agent or an advanced real estate Broker’s license in Arizona. They can earn a good living as a real estate professional.

After all, a licensed real estate agent or real estate Broker are the conduits for growth within residential and commercial properties.

Real estate practitioners are purveyors of dreams. Facilitators of aspirations. Designers of delights. Agents and brokers are matchmakers in the traditional sense with a digital magic ball.

A great real estate educational experience will create an empowered sales industry. What real estate agents learn is the left-brain expression of their career. The intuitive nature is embedded in their souls.

Raise The Bar Real Estate School, which is wholly owned and operated by the Scottsdale Area Association of REALTORS®, provides local real estate professionals with the education and tools needed for continued success and has been doing so for more than 50 years! Contact Raise The Bar School of Real Estate for more information.


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