why aren't required ce credits enough

Blog share: WHY AREN’T REQUIRED CE CREDITS ENOUGH? Twenty-four hours of continuing education that is required by the Arizona Department of Real Estate is never going to be a career changing experience. You may pick up a few tidbits of information here and there that spark new ideas or thoughts – but is it a class […]

    What does professionalism in real estate mean to you?  Is it someone who is educated? Responds quickly? Is courteous and polite? Manages a transaction smoothly? Where does “professionalism” begin and end? How do we achieve professionalism? Let me suggest that professionalism most likely has a different meaning for every practitioner. After many hours […]

If you have been a full time real estate professional in Arizona, or any other state, for at least three years, you can take the next step up and become a broker! Getting your broker’s license in Arizona is very similar to getting a real estate license. It requires 90 hours of classroom education, verifying […]