why aren't required ce credits enough

Blog share: WHY AREN’T REQUIRED CE CREDITS ENOUGH? Twenty-four hours of continuing education that is required by the Arizona Department of Real Estate is never going to be a career changing experience. You may pick up a few tidbits of information here and there that spark new ideas or thoughts – but is it a class […]

21 May 2018


    What does professionalism in real estate mean to you?  Is it someone who is educated? Responds quickly? Is courteous and polite? Manages a transaction smoothly? Where does “professionalism” begin and end? How do we achieve professionalism? Let me suggest that professionalism most likely has a different meaning for every practitioner. After many hours […]

If you have been a full time real estate professional in Arizona, or any other state, for at least three years, you can take the next step up and become a broker! Getting your broker’s license in Arizona is very similar to getting a real estate license. It requires 90 hours of classroom education, verifying […]

In a recently published bulletin from the Arizona Department of Real Estate, local broker John Foltz interprets some of the values of the principles that America is built upon–including the right to own private property–and the calling of those who take on the noble responsibilities of the real estate profession. Read on!       […]

House Flipping is defined as: When real estate investors buy homes and then resell them at a profit months down the road. Most people think house flipping is easy. Anyone can do it. Piece of cake. Not so fast. The reality is simply this; you need a team. You need a contractor, a handyman, a […]

homebuyer and seller

Homebuyer and seller The truth is, we live in a post-consumer society. We’re not defined by our age, gender, race, marital status, education, location, income or family status. Our interests, attitudes, and opinions unite us. The things you and I care about are changing. Demographics as we understand them are changing! So then how does […]

real estate professionals

Real Estate Professionals Real estate professionals enjoy the art of the sale. Agents are people persons, they enjoy interactions, understand the behavioral nature of buyers and sellers. Agents understand that real estate is both a tangible financial asset and a physical resource. It can represent the largest investment an individual or business makes in their future. […]