Raise The Bar Real Estate School, which is wholly owned and operated by the Scottsdale Area Association of REALTORS®, provides local real estate professionals with the education and tools needed for continued success and has been doing so for more than 50 years! And Raise The Bar offers a broker licensing course, which will help real estate professionals take their next, important career step.

The talented and highly-revered instructors at Raise The Bar make classes interesting; and combined with friendly career counselors, students experience a positive atmosphere as a result.

The state exam for broker licensing requires successful mastering of all the real estate principles initially learned in the sales pre-licensing course. When this is mastered and a broker’s license is obtained, it opens more career options for the pursuer! Additionally, a broker’s license creates paths for higher earning potential, assures individuals have the education to enter management positions and increases professional standing in the real estate industry.

A student’s primary goal? To pass the state exam, of course! To that end, the program at Raise The Bar is designed to accomplish three things:

  • Reacquaint you with the original real estate principles previously learned
  • Cover those principles quickly and allow the student time to master that knowledge
  • Spend time on fundamental broker issues, case studies, discussions and risk management.

~ How We Are Different ~

  • One-on-one counseling available
  • Convenient online learning from your laptop or desktop
  • Top-notch instructors who are active in the industry and local real estate market

~ Tuition ~

The fee for this course is $579 and includes:

  • Four-to-six week course to complete the 90 required hours
  • Nine (9) hours of broker management clinics
  • Personalized, one-on-one attention
  • Local industry leaders instruct and guide students


~ Requirements ~

To become an Arizona broker, the Arizona Department of Real Estate requires you to:

  • Complete a 90-hours of broker licensing education (included)
  • Pass the school’s final exam (included)
  • Pass the Arizona State Real Estate examination
  • Complete 9 hours of broker management clinics prior to license activation (included)
  • Obtain 3 years actual full-time experience as a salesperson or broker during the immediate 5 years preceding application

If you hold or held a real estate license in another state; you may be eligible to obtain a broker’s license in Arizona.

~ Please Note ~

  1. Zoom platform will be utilized for the course delivery If you don’t have a Zoom account, we suggest you sign up for the free version at
  2. Students are responsible for the performance of their own technology including audio volume, video clarity, and reliable internet connection. Use of a laptop or PC only is acceptable. Use of a phone for connecting to the class is strictly prohibited.
  3. Students must check in for class at least 15 minutes prior to the 9am start time. Checking in for class at 9am may result in refusal of attendance.
  4. Students must be visible on camera AT ALL TIMES to receive class credit. Students may not “step away” from the camera for any reason or darken their screen. If an emergency arises, please use the “Chat” feature to privately notify the instructor or monitor of your situation.
  5. Students may not participate in computer-based work or make phone calls while attending class and should be in a room that is free from distractions.
  6. Students should NOT log out at any time during the class.
  7. You will receive an email reminder with additional guidelines and information to ‘join’ the meeting.

~ Cancellation / Refund Policy ~

Prior to materials being delivered, a 10% administrative fee will be charged for cancellation. Once materials have been distributed to the student, a 50% refund will be allowed up to 10 sessions. Following the 10th session, a $30 additional charge for each session attended will be subracted from any remaining tuition. Once materials are dispensed, they cannot be sold as “new” therefore the school will not accept the return of materials in anticipation of a full refund. Returned checks will incur a $50 service charge.
Please notify us 7 days in advance if you have any disability that requires special services or access.

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